, in cooperation with APCAP and BRISA, held its 1st Sustainability Forum on 9 June 2022 in Lisbon on the theme

Turning challenges into strategic goals to make road infrastructure sustainable and resilient

ASECAP Sustainability Leaflet

Final programme

Speakers' biographies

Round table:
How to stimulate the commitments of the stakeholders to sustainable development goals?
Moderator – Malika Seddi, ASECAP Secretary-General & CEO

Keynote speaker: Prof. José Manuel Viegas, Chairman of the Board, TIS, Portugal
Stimulating stakeholders' commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

Technical sessions:

Part 1: Actions from road operators to make the road infrastructure sustainable and carbon free
Moderator – Emanuela Stocchi, ASECAP Chair of the Safety, Sustainability & Communications Committee, AISCAT

How do we do it? Margarida Apetato, Sustainability Manager, BRISA

Save Money, Save the Planet! The role of Integrated Decision Support Systems in Infrastructure, Valerio Molinari, Majority Shareholder, Ecogest & Antonio Stornello, Co-founder, KASSANDRA SRL  

How to manage sustainability in Highways, Burak Isik, Corporate Governance & Sustainability Director, ICA Investment & Operation Company  

A toll motorway ESG strategy, Diego Galletta, ESG & Sustainability reporting, Autostrade per l’Italia

From CSR to ESG: the transformation of the Abertis' Sustainability roadmap, Sara Rodríguez, Corporate Sustainability Manager, Abertis

Meeting CO2 reduction targets - Actions by French toll road operators, Noémie Frontère, Project Manager, ASFA

Part 2: Actions from road operators to make the road infrastructure sustainable and carbon free
Moderator – Alenka Košič, ASECAP Chair of Data Gathering, Analysis & Statistics Committee, DARS

Sustainability at APCAP's network, Maria Margarida Braga, Senior Environmental Engineer, BRISA/APCAP

The Sustainable Mobility Plan of the Brenner Motorway, Ilaria De Biasi, Head of the European Projects Department, Autostrada del Brennero SpA, Italy

Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV) - an innovative project for Italian highways, Giuseppe Colombo, Technical Director, Milano Serravalle-MilanoTangenziali S.p.A.

INOV@24 – The Route for a Sustainable Future, Ana Filipa Morais, Deputy Technical Director, Norscut/APCAP

EU Taxonomy and Motorway Operators, Emilija Erent, Specialist in Tolling division, DARS

Road charging and Taxonomy - the missing link, Richard Lax, Executive Expert EU Affairs, Kapsch TrafficCom


24 May 2022

Innovation and technology (including AI) for operation, maintenance and asset management


Speakers biographies

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ARGO, the extended platform for managing and monitoring the life cycle of infrastructures. The case of Autostrade per l’Italia, Paolo Guarnieri, Movyon S.p.A. / AISCAT (Italy)

Artificial intelligence in network management, Jorge Alves Lopes, BRISA / APCAP (Portugal)

Towards maintaining the digital twin AI for video analysis, Kasper Nikolaus, ASFINAG (Austria)

The Integrated approach for the safety of assets. The example of Aegean Motorway S.A., Dimitris Mandalozis, Aegean Motorway S.A. / HELLASTRON (Greece)

5G MED project – Future mobility in the Mediterranean Cross-Border Corridor, Xavier Daura, ABERTIS / SEOPAN (Spain)


The 49th ASECAP Information & Study Days will be held on 24-25 November 2022 in Marriott Hotel Grand Place in Brussels.


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