Joining Asecap

The members of the Association are either Full Members (one per country) or Associate Members.
The Association may also develop links with Supporting Partners.

Full members

Full members are associations of companies or companies holding at least one tolled motorway section or a tolled construction in Europe and whose income derives principally from collecting tolls paid for by the users.

Associate members

Associate members are national associations or groups of toll motorways or concession holders operating in non-European countries adjacent and directly connected to the European members of the Association by land or by the Mediterranean sea, or – under certain conditions – companies in charge of collecting a distance-related user charge from the road users.

Membership application procedure

The applicant should send a letter of interest to Ms Malika Seddi, ASECAP Secretary-General, with a proper description of its profile.


Ms Malika Seddi
ASECAP Secretary-General and CEO
Rue Guimard 15
B-1040 Brussels

How to become a supporting partner?

ASECAP members are either full or associate members. Membership of the association is subject to a number of criteria related in particular to the collection of distance-related tolling under concession schemes, and requires the agreement of the ASECAP Governing Bodies. In addition, ASECAP may also develop links with so-called Supporting Partners, a category which covers a broad range of organizations that are not entitled to membership as such but have a direct interest in the development of motorway policy.

What’s in it for me?

ASECAP, the European Association of Operators of Toll Road Infrastructures, is the sole organization in the field of tolling concessions with a Pan-European dimension. Its members’ network totalling over 82,000 km of motorways, bridges and tunnels, across 18 countries, forms a large part of the Trans-European Road Network. Besides direct networking opportunities with Europe’s road infrastructure operators, ASECAP supporting partnership will offer you first-hand access to strategic information on motorway development policy and technical, administrative, financial and statistical data relating to the construction, maintenance and operation of toll motorways, bridges and tunnels. Moreover, you will be invited to take part in the ASECAP pool of experts, whose members contribute, when relevant, to the technical work undertaken by ASECAP’s committees in domains such as tolling and charging, concessions, safety and security, sustainability, intelligent transport systems, research and innovation and related projects. The terms of cooperation between the supporting partner and ASECAP are fixed on a case-by-case basis by the ASECAP Governing Bodies, taking into account the partner’s activities and capacities, as well as the interest and added value of the partner’s involvement for the association as a whole.

How to apply?

If you want to become a supporting partner of ASECAP, a written and duly signed application should be submitted to the Secretary-General of ASECAP. Subsequently, the ASECAP Governing Bodies will assess whether there are no conflicts of interest and deliberate whether they accept your organization as a supporting partner of the association.