Think Tank 2012

Towards a common ASECAP vision on "sustainable" road infrastructure operation

27 November 2012 (Paris, France)

An ASECAP Think Tank dedicated to “sustainable development” took place in Paris on 27 November 2012. The aim of the event was to foster a common understanding within ASECAP about the meaning of “sustainable development” for the road infrastructure operation sector, examining the concept and its economic, social and environmental dimensions, against the background of concrete actions undertaken by ASECAP members.

The ASECAP Think Tank, established as a permanent instrument involving all full and associate members of the Association, has been endowed with a stronger role and will work towards an ASECAP roadmap on “sustainable transport for all”, cutting across the various domains covered by the ASECAP Permanent Committees.

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2nd ASECAP Think Tank


29 October 2010 (European Economic & Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium)

ASECAP held its second annual Think Tank on 29 October focusing on the developments in the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS). This one day event delivered a detailed update of the EETS implementation process in EU countries from the toll chargers, national administrations, providers and users perspective.

euIn partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee

ASECAP Concluding Statement 


The EETS Regulatory framework: Related concepts

C. Surmont, European Commission DG MOVE

A. Sieber, ASFINAG (AT), CESARE IV Project Leader

J. W. Tierolf, Ministry of Transport (NL) and Stockholm Group Chairman

One year after: State of the art of 27 EETS national implementations

PART 1: “Building National Registers: national administrations’ perspective”

E. Buss, Ministry of Transport (DE)

G. Lapierre, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development and the Sea (FR)

N. Schofield, Ministry of Transport (UK)

PART 2: “The Toll Charger perspective: services platform enabling the EETS implementation”

A. Sieber, ASFINAG (AT)

V. Dumerc, ASFA (FR)

B. De la Fuente, ASETA (ES)

The (toll) road ahead

European Commission: C. Surmont, European Commission DG MOVE

State representative: J.W. Tierolf, Ministry of Transport (NL) and Stockholm Group Chairman

Potential EETS providers: E.Tzoneva, Shell

Existing operator: A. Estiot, Toll Collect (DE)

ASECAP Think Tank 2009

"Paving the way to a pan-European electronic tolling reality: the CESARE IV project and future perspectives"

23 October 2009 (Brussels, Belgium)


The conference has presented the European Interoperability developments in the framework of the Project CESARE IV and allowed a debate on the necessity to move from myths to reality between ASECAP Think tank members, EU institutions and Member States representatives, as well as potential EETS providers and other stakeholders.

The event was structured in two political sessions (opening panel and closing round table) and two “brainstorming” sessions, where ASECAP experts presented the state of the art and future tolling projects in their respective countries, therefore delivering an exhaustive photograph of the European realities…

Programme of the event
Press Release 23-10-2009: "Concessionaires asking to "bridge the gap between definition and realisation"
Pictures of the event by sessions


Presentations and speeches:

Setting the stage: The EU Decision on EETS and the CESARE IV developments

Interoperability of electronic road toll systems in the Community , by C. Surmont, European Commission DG TREN representative by C. Surmont, European Commission DG TREN representative
CESARE IV: A project for EETS ,by A. Sieber, CESARE IV Project Leader, and other CESARE I, II, III project leaders
Realizing interoperability in Europe, by J.W. Tierolf, Ministry of Transport (NL) and Stockholm Group Chairman

From projects to reality: Towards a pan-European electronic tolling EETS

PART1: The toll chargers: the concessionaires' perspective
ITIA (IR)Smith
APCAP (PT) Pinheiro
AISCAT(IT) Rotondo
ASFA (FR) Malbrunot
ASETA (SP) de la Fuente
EasyGo (DK/SE) Rasmussen
Autostrada Wielkopolska (PL) Nowak

PART 2 : Unconventional thinking
Alain Estiot - Toll Collect (DE)
E. Buss - Ministry of Transport (DE)
A. Maucorps - Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development and the Sea (FR)
D. Ohst - Toll Collect (DE)
J. Czako - Kapsh T.S (CZ)PART 1 PART 2
D.Grevink - N.V. Westerscheldtunnel (NL)
J. Cobo - Ressa
A.Gruenkorn - (LogPay)
J.M. Martinez - (Eurotoll)
M. Billet - IRU, Heads of Goods Transport

Article published in specialised website:
Le chemin vers le télépéage unique est encore long - Le Lloyd (BE), 28 October 2009

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