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ASFINAG was founded in 1982 as a public limited company, owned by the Republic of Austria (100%). This company was not operatively active, nor in the field of construction neither in the field of motorway operation. Its aim was limited to financing services.

In 1997 ASFINAG was transformed into a company responsible for the entire management of Austria's motorway network. Since that time ASFINAG has the usufructs right and collects tolls for the use of its network. These tolls are the most important financing basis for ASFINAG as ASFINAG receives no money from the state even if the company is still owned by the Republic of Austria.

ASFINAG’s network consists of 2,249 km of motorways, 166 tunnels and more than 5,800 bridges. ASFINAG’s core tasks include motorway operation, maintenance, construction management and toll collection as well as traffic management. ASFINAG and its more than 3,000 employees are committed to provide responsible and long-term solutions by using new technologies and innovations to make Austria’s motorways among the safest and most modern in Europe.



Have a good trip, Austria!

Increased safety, good transport connections and a well-developed infrastructure where it is necessary: Your safety is what drives us – you as a customer can reach your destination comfortably and unhindered. A goal that has the highest priority for ASFINAG as your mobility partner in Austria.

Our vision 2030

„As a reliable, innovative and sustainable mobility partner, we connect regions and people in the heart of Europe.“

Our mission

Together with our partners, we are ensuring mobility for generations to come. With forward-looking, sustainable and innovative solutions, we represent part of Austria’s major shift in mobility.

* We invest in the quality of our network, constantly developing it both ecologically and economically with Austria’s overall mobility system in mind.
* As a competent road operator, we offer our customers safe and efficient motorways.
* With our modern toll products & digital information services, we are a customer-oriented service provider.


The Austrian toll system consists of a time-related toll (toll sticker/vignette for vehicles under/equal to 3.5 tons and motorcycles) and a distance-related (mileage-dependent) toll for vehicles over 3.5 tons. The toll revenues belong to ASFINAG, which is also responsible for the toll collection.

ASFINAG also operates special toll sections in Austria’s alpine regions charging a distance-related toll for all vehicles which is collected at toll booths or via license plate recognition. In 2020 ASFINAG also implemented a new free-flow tolling solution at two of the six Austrian toll plazas at the motorway A9 Tauern Autobahn which is a major north-south-connection in Austria.

Tolls for vehicles above 3.5 tons are collected electronically via a free flow multi-lane DSRC system.

For cars and motorcycles ASFINAG introduced a digital vignette (directly linked to a vehicle’s license plate which is registered in a database) by the end of 2017 in addition to the toll sticker. This product is available online and via the ASFINAG App as well as at selected points of sales.

As of 1st of December 2023 ASFINAG has introduced a digital 1-day Vignette for vehicles below and equal 3.5 tons. This Vignette is in addition to the existing Vignette products in Austria (annual Vignette, 2-month Vignette, 10-days Vignette).

Toll rates

Since 1st of January 2024, not only infrastructure costs and traffic-related costs due to air pollution and noise pollution are included in the HGV toll, but also the vehicle's CO₂ emissions. The new pricing system for the mileage-based GO toll applies to vehicles with more than 3.5 tons technically permissible maximum laden mass (TPMLM) and will be introduced in stages from 2024 to 2026.

Purely electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles get a discount of approx. 75% compared to EURO VI emission class vehicles on the infrastructure rate. Further details on the current toll rates for heavy vehicles can be found on

The current toll rates for light vehicles can be found on:  

In addition, the technically permissible maximum laden mass (TPMLM) and no longer the maximum permissible gross weight is decisive for the toll obligation since 1st of December 2023.


Sustainable mobility

With our network of motorways throughout Austria, we contribute significantly to the population's mobility and quality of life, as well as to the competitiveness of Austria as a business location.

But our responsibility goes beyond that: In our role as a major employer and contracting authority, we strive for attractive employment conditions, sustainable supply chains, fair business relations and comprehensive environmental protection.

Our goal is sustainable mobility, and this calls for continuous further development and innovation. For this reason we are active in numerous research projects and are intensifying our cooperation with important stakeholders on a national and international level. This involves a great variety of topics and challenges: From automated traffic and decarbonisation, to health and diversity, and on to climate protection and preserving biodiversity.

To learn more, have a look on our company reports:


Click here to download the map of the Austrian motorway network as of March 2023 - PNG format


Data as of 31/12/2022 (Source: 2023 Statistical Bulletin)

Companies Km   Toll revenues (VAT & other taxes excluded)
3 2249   Euros (million) 2442,90
Traffic (Average daily)   Payment means
Light vehicles 33923   Toll stations 6
Heavy vehicles 4747   Toll lanes 118
Total 38670   ETC lanes or mixed lanes 1181
      ETC subscribers 10370252
Rest areas 57   (1) ETC lanes: 12 lanes GO-Maut lanes (heavy vehicles), 15 dedicated lanes and 91 mixed lanes (light vehicles)  
Services areas (wth petrol stations) 87   (2) Number of ETC subscribers - heavy vehicles
Restaurants 64      
Hotels 19      

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