2017 ASECAP Days (29-31 May 2017, Paris, France):

Turn spending into investment - World Highways (July-August 2017 issue)

L'ASECAP prépare les infrastructures du futur
 - Revue Générale des Routes et de l'Aménagement (July-August 2017 issue)

Concentrating the minds of concessionaires
- ITS International (July-August 2017 issue)

Ghost, l'Europa ci mette un freno - LeStrade (July 2017 issue)

Ripartire da Parigi - LeStrade (June 2017 issue)

Autoroutes : cap sur le futur - Special Supplement of Le Parisien in partnership with ASFA (30 May 2017 issue)

ASECAP Days 2017 Special Issue - LeStrade (May 2017 issue)

Days like these - Thinking Highways magazine (March 2017 issue)

Asecap meeting tackles tolling's future challenges - ITS International (January-February 2017 issue)

2016 ASECAP Days (23-25 May 2016, Madrid, Spain):

All change on the tolling front - ITS International (July-August 2016 issue)

La motorway che va oltre - LeStrade (June 2016 issue)

ASECAP Days 2016-Special issue - LeStrade (May 2016 issue)

ASECAP debates the future of European tolling - ITS International (March-April 2016 issue)

ASECAP: verso una mobilità integrata e sostenibile in Europa - AISCAT informazioni (3-4/2015 issue)

2015 ASECAP Days (27-29 May 2015, Lisbon, Portugal):

Make the case for electronic tolling - World Highways (September 2015 issue)

Tolling is still stuck on the sidelines - ITS International (July-August 2015 issue)

Lisbon Motorway Story - LeStrade (July 2015 issue)

In autostrada da Lisbona a Dublino - LeStrade (June 2015 issue)

- LeStrade - May 2015 issue (pre-event articles are in Italian and in English)

AISCAT informazioni (3-4/2014 issue)


2014 ASECAP Days (26-28 May 2014, Athens, Greece):

World Highways / ITS International:




Thinking Highways:

Thinking Highways’ editor Kevin Borras reported from the 42nd Annual ASECAP Study and Information Days from Athens. Kevin caugt up with some of the industry’s leading personalities in two podcasts.

Podcast 1: click here to listen to it.

In this podcast, Kevin talked to:

  • Alexis Zass, GEA
  • Pedro Bento, Q-Free
  • Pat Jones, IBTTA
  • Raffaele de Bettin, DBA Lab
  • Outgoing ASECAP president Jean Mesqui, ASFA


Podcast 2: click here to listen to it.

In this podcast, Kevin spoke to:

  • Maurizio Rotondo, AISCAT
  • Christoph Wondracek, Siemens
  • Antonio Politano, DBA Lab
  • Josef Czako, Kapsch


2013 ASECAP Days (26-28 May 2013, Dubrovnik, Croatia):

Interview with Klaus Schierhackl, Immediate Past President, ASECAP “Motorway toll market can’t be created just with directives” (interview in English) - Europolitique (newsletter & web edition), 4 June 2013

Entretien avec Klaus Schierhackl, Président sortant de l'Association Européenne des Concessionnaires d'Autoroutes et d'ouvrages à Péage "Le marché européen des autoroutes à péage ne se crée pas à coup de directives" - Europolitique (newsletter & web edition), 4 June 2013 (Belgium)

International tolling organisations sign joint declaration - ITS International (web edition), 29 May 2013 (United Kingdom)

Sostenibilità fatta autostrada - Le Strade (magazine), Issue 7 / 2013

Pedaggio senza frontiere - Le Strade (magazine), Issue 6 / 2013

U.S. and Europe Sign Joint Tolling Declaration - Huffington Post (world web edition), 31 May 2013

ASECAP, IBTTA release a "Joint Tolling Declaration" - (web edition), 27 May 2013


2) Other ASECAP events

Conference on Concessions, 30 March 2015, Brussels (Belgium):

Redefining concessions (ITS International)

ASECAP report details division of concession risks in EU (ITS International, web edition)

Così si gettano le basi di crescita e qualità (LeStrade)

Europa, il volano delle concessioni autostradali (LeStrade, web edition)

ASECAP wants to promote concession model (Agence Europe, web edition)

L'ASECAP veut promouvoir le modèle des concessions (Agence Europe, web edition)

Concessions directive: Time for transposition (EUROPOLITICS, web edition)

Evaluation et avenir des concessions routières à péage : l'analyse de PwC (article on page 27) (La Correspondance Economique)


Road Safety Conference 2015, 3 March 2015, Vienna (Austria):

Via europea alla road safety (article by AISCAT published in LeStrade, Issue 3 / 2015)



3) Other articles/Interviews of ASECAP personalities

Interview of Mr José Costa Braga, ASECAP President - Strade & Autostrade, issue Nr. 122 - March-April 2017