ASECAP held its 4th Marketing Workshop on Monday 27 February 2017 from 9.30 to 15.45 in Copenhangen on the theme:

                                   Marketing campaigns and actions to promote toll road infrastructure


Final programme

List of participants

Presentations made at the workshop:

Workshop's shape: Introductory remarks

Exponential Digital Trends
, keynote speech (Jens Hjerrild Poder, PEYTZ & Co)

Panel 1: Innovative mobility services for customers (new mobility apps & technologies, new mobility concepts, pricing, toll and discount programs, make money/induce traffic, monitoring customers' satisfaction)

Deployment of an electric fueling framework along the AISCAT network (Andrea Manfron, AISCAT)
Electric mobility (Malika Seddi, ASFA)
Changing customer habits and its effects on the "classic" offers of a Service Center (Werner Fritz, ASFINAG)
Brisa new marketing approach (Luis D'Eça Pinheiro, BRISA)
A different approach towards a client - social responsible motorway (Anna Kordecka, GDANSK TRANSPORT COMPANY)
Applying integrated data driven approach to Marketing and Customer Care on Toll Roads (Christos Koulouris, HELLASTRON)
S2WAY: A new Service Provider (Francesco Bettoni, BREBEMI)

Panel 2: Innovative actions concerning services areas (parking facilities, secure parking, rest areas)

Cross Border Marketing (Karsten Längerich, SUND&BAELT Holding A/S)
ASFINAG Rest Area Concept (David Kollenhofer, ASFINAG)
Service Areas - New Partnership Model (Patricia Mota, BRISA)
Mobile Application DarsTraffic+ (Andreja Skroza, DARS)
From Motorcycles to People - from transactions to behaviours (Joaquim Lima, BRISA)

Technical Workshop on Marketing Activities 2016

Rome, Italy

5 February 2016

Minutes and photos 

Final programme

Participant list

Presentations made at the workshop:

Audiorecording of Panel 1
(file size 75MB)
Audiorecording of Panel 2
(file size 50MB)


From Cars to People (Luis D'Eça Pinheiro, BRISA)
Consumer satisfaction and the role of social media (Emilija Erent & Mojca Bergauer, DARS)
Rebranding N.V. Westerscheldetunnel (Ingo De Moor, Westerscheldetunnel)
Format for an Infrastructure System: communication between new and traditional on A58 (Federico Lenti, TEEM)
Pricing, toll and discount programs (Karel Feix, KAPSCH TS)

Panel 2:
A new model for the service areas - the secure parking for transport (Maurizio Alessandro, Serenissima Trading)
Being close to customers (Malika Seddi, ASFA)
Motorway Loyalty Program (Francisco Esteves, Brisa)
APP Autopistas en ruta (Joan Casanovas, ABERTIS AUTOPISTAS)

Technical Workshop on Marketing Activities 2015

Paris, France

6 February 2015


Final programme

Participant list

Presentations made at the workshop:

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