ASECAP Position Paper on impact of proposed Eurovignette directive revision on existing toll concession contracts


ASECAP Position Paper on the Impact of the proposal of Eurovignette directive modification on the existing toll concession contracts

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Contribution of toll concessions in the European economy and society


ASECAP has produced a leaflet:

Contribution of toll concessions in the European economy and society

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The 47th ASECAP Study & Information Days will be held on 29-31 May 2019 in Costa Navarino, near Kalamata (Peloponnese region) in Greece.

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Russian Federation


Data as for 01/01/2016 (Source: 2016 Statistical Bulletin). Their data have not been updated ever since.

Companies Km   Toll revenues
3 526,21   Euros (million) 55,502
Traffic (Average daily)   Payment means
Light vehicles 115687   Toll stations 18
Heavy vehicles 30302   Toll lanes 184
Total 145989   ETC lanes 34
      ETC subscribers 80784
Service areas 0   (1) Currently, State Company 'Avtodor' manages a total network of more than 2720,3 km, 526,2 km of which are tolled
Fuel stations 42   (2) Preliminary value for 2015 (exchange rate 1 EUR = 67,70 RUB) 
Restaurants 45    
Hotels 11      

State Company "Russian Highways" (AVTODOR)

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