ASECAP members need the Delegated Act on C-ITS now in the shortest delay. We cannot stop the transformation of road safety improvement with the support of available C-ITS based equipment. The Delegated Act will safeguard the investments of toll operators, which they have already invested in pre-deployment activities in 16 countries covered under C-Roads and other EC supported projects, therefore incurring also the risk of wasting EU funding. We consider the “Assessment of  the Commercial Availability of LTE-V2X Equipment According to the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA)” by the EC and came to the conclusion that we cannot wait for another 3-5 years to implement another future technology that have equal benefits on road safety and achieve “Vision Zero”. Vehicle manufacturers are on the verge of deploying vehicles to support that effort by 2019. ASECAP members are ready to deploy C-ITS systems able to communicate with users in only one interoperable language.