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Road Safety Conference 2018

The 11th ASECAP Road Safety Conference will take place on Tuesday 20 March 2018, 13h30 - 17h30, in the European Parliament in Brussels (Altiero Spinelli Building, 60 Rue Wiertz).

The event will be hosted by MEP Mr Georges Bach, Member of the European Parliament (TRAN Committee).

Road Safety Conference 2017

The 10th ASECAP Road Safety Conference was held on Tuesday 21 March 2017 from 09.00 to 13.00 in the premises of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels on the theme:

                                                         Road Safety - A shared responsibility
                                                              A story of success or failure?

Final programme

Conference's shape and timeline

Conference Proceedings

Event's photos (use the following 4-digit PIN to download photos: 3263 ; Photos' credit: Louis David)

EU Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, was the keynote speaker at our conference. She congratulated ASECAP and its members for their achievements and good results in the field of road safety. She has encouraged them to improve their actions therein!


Presentations and keynote speeches:

Keynote speech by Mrs Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport


Part One: Interactive debate with European policy makers and relevant stakeholders

Introductory speech: European barometer of responsible driving (Bernadette Moreau, VINCI Autoroutes Foundation / ASFA)

Road safety and road infrastructure safety management (Fotini Ioannidou, DG MOVE, European Commission)

Road safety: top priority of toll motorway companies (Malika Seddi, ASECAP COPER II Chair / ASFA)

Road safety: driven by innovation - Active safety technology & innovation (Erik Jonnaert, ACEA)

Part Two: Discussion amongst road safety experts and exchange of best practices / innovative projects on the theme "Life saving chain: avoiding road safety fatalities and reducing serious injuries"

ISO 39.001 Road Traffic Safety in Autopistas (Alberto Jiménez, Autopistas (ABERTIS group) / SEOPAN)

Attica Tollway: how to retain a safe road environement in a busy urban motorway
(Fanis Papadimitriou, Attikes Diadromes SA / HELLASTRON)

Infrastructure and technologies, PDCA accident investigations and users' awareness: the main keys for "life saving chain"
(Gianmarco Angeletti, Autostrade per l'Italia SpA / AISCAT)

Proposals for the unification of the road safety related regulation (Ulrich Zorin & Jan Sajovic, DARS)

Teamwork in Incident Management - a key for Safer Roads (Christian Ebner, ASFINAG)

One sets for the break (Christine Allard, SANEF / ASFA)

Fog system: safe driving in low visibility (Francesco Bettoni, BREBEMI / AISCAT)

ASECAP Publications produced on the occasion of the Road Safety Conference:

ASECAP Road Safety Leaflet 2017 - click on cover above to download it.

Ghost drivers: a direct experience of toll road operators - click on cover above to download it.

Life-saving chain in ASECAP: key procedures to save lives - click on cover above to download it.


ASECAP held its 4th Marketing Workshop on Monday 27 February 2017 from 9.30 to 15.45 in Copenhangen on the theme:

                                   Marketing campaigns and actions to promote toll road infrastructure


Final programme

List of participants

Presentations made at the workshop:

Workshop's shape: Introductory remarks

Exponential Digital Trends
, keynote speech (Jens Hjerrild Poder, PEYTZ & Co)

Panel 1: Innovative mobility services for customers (new mobility apps & technologies, new mobility concepts, pricing, toll and discount programs, make money/induce traffic, monitoring customers' satisfaction)

Deployment of an electric fueling framework along the AISCAT network (Andrea Manfron, AISCAT)
Electric mobility (Malika Seddi, ASFA)
Changing customer habits and its effects on the "classic" offers of a Service Center (Werner Fritz, ASFINAG)
Brisa new marketing approach (Luis D'Eça Pinheiro, BRISA)
A different approach towards a client - social responsible motorway (Anna Kordecka, GDANSK TRANSPORT COMPANY)
Applying integrated data driven approach to Marketing and Customer Care on Toll Roads (Christos Koulouris, HELLASTRON)
S2WAY: A new Service Provider (Francesco Bettoni, BREBEMI)

Panel 2: Innovative actions concerning services areas (parking facilities, secure parking, rest areas)

Cross Border Marketing (Karsten Längerich, SUND&BAELT Holding A/S)
ASFINAG Rest Area Concept (David Kollenhofer, ASFINAG)
Service Areas - New Partnership Model (Patricia Mota, BRISA)
Mobile Application DarsTraffic+ (Andreja Skroza, DARS)
From Motorcycles to People - from transactions to behaviours (Joaquim Lima, BRISA)

Dinner Debate 2016

ASECAP held a Dinner Debate, hosted by MEP Georgios Kyrtsos, on the theme "A manifesto on the Concession Model in Europe: A key element for a sustainable, efficient and safe road transport network" on Wednesday 9 November 2016 in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Click here to download the final programme.

Road Safety Conference 2016





ASECAP Road Safety Leaflet 2016 - click on cover above to download it.


PANEL 1: Road Safety & ITS: innovative actions and projects developed by toll road operators - presentations
(ZIP file)

PANEL 2: Effective Response Plans to traffic accidents - presentations (ZIP file)

PANEL 2: Video as complement to presentation by Adam Sobieraj (ZIP file - 383MB)

AFTERNOON POLITICAL SESSION: presentation by Szabolcs Schmidt, European Commission (ZIP file)

Technical Workshop on Marketing Activities 2016

Rome, Italy

5 February 2016

Minutes and photos 

Final programme

Participant list

Presentations made at the workshop:

Audiorecording of Panel 1
(file size 75MB)
Audiorecording of Panel 2
(file size 50MB)


From Cars to People (Luis D'Eça Pinheiro, BRISA)
Consumer satisfaction and the role of social media (Emilija Erent & Mojca Bergauer, DARS)
Rebranding N.V. Westerscheldetunnel (Ingo De Moor, Westerscheldetunnel)
Format for an Infrastructure System: communication between new and traditional on A58 (Federico Lenti, TEEM)
Pricing, toll and discount programs (Karel Feix, KAPSCH TS)

Panel 2:
A new model for the service areas - the secure parking for transport (Maurizio Alessandro, Serenissima Trading)
Being close to customers (Malika Seddi, ASFA)
Motorway Loyalty Program (Francisco Esteves, Brisa)
APP Autopistas en ruta (Joan Casanovas, ABERTIS AUTOPISTAS)

Conference on Concessions 2015

Concession model, an efficient tool to foster growth across Europe: how to build a level playing field to attract private investors


30 March 2015 (European Economic & Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium)

ASECAP organised a high-level conference that analyzed the impact of the new European Directive on the award of concession contracts across Europe focusing specifically on the transport sector.

ASECAP has commissioned a study on the Concession Model to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). The main findings of the study, entitled Evaluation and future of road toll concessions, were presented on the occasion of this conference. The study contains the perspective of Toll Road Operators on the importance of this key tool to ensure consistent and long-term investments in the Europen transport network. Furthermore, the study provides a comprehensive insight into how the Concession Model has been implemented in ASECAP member countries so far.


Evaluation and future of road toll concessions (Full Report) - click on cover above to download it


Evaluation and future of road toll concessions (Executive Summary) - click on cover above to download it

Study in French version (Full report): Evaluation et avenir des concessions autoroutières à péage - click on cover above to download it


Presentations made at the conference

Photos made at the event (photo's credit: ©Louis David)

Final programme


Press coverage of the conference:

Redefining concessions (ITS International, UK-based magazine)

ASECAP report details division of concession risks in EU (ITS International, UK-based magazine, website edition)

Così si gettano le basi di crescita e qualità (LeStrade, Italian magazine)

Europa, il volano delle concessioni autostradali (LeStrade, Italian magazine, website edition)

ASECAP wants to promote concession model (Agence Europe, Brussels-based EU press agency, website edition)

L'ASECAP veut promouvoir le modèle des concessions (Agence Europe, Brussels-based EU press agency, website edition)

Concessions directive: Time for transposition (EUROPOLITICS, Brussels-based daily publication on European affairs, website edition)

Evaluation et avenir des concessions routières à péage : l'analyse de PwC (article on page 27) (La Correspondance Economique, French daily on economic and social issues) 


Road Safety Conference 2015

Road safety and mobility for the future


3 March 2015 (Vienna, Austria)

Conference programme

ASECAP Press Release & Presidency Statement



Morning session Presentations (Zip file)

Afternoon session Presentations (Zip file)


Press coverage of the conference:

Via europea alla road safety (article by AISCAT published in LeStrade, Issue 3 / 2015)

ASECAP leaflets and ASFINAG brochure produced on the occasion of the Road Safety Conference:

ROAD SAFETY: Ensuring the highest standards of safety - ASECAP leaflet (click on cover to download it)


OFFERING TOP LEVEL SERVICES TO CUSTOMERS - ASECAP leaflet (click on cover to download it) 


PROVIDING A SAFE ROAD NETWORK - ASECAP leaflet (click on cover to download it)

ROAD SAFETY AND MOBILITY FOR THE FUTURE  - ASFINAG brochure (click on cover to download it)


Technical Workshop on Marketing Activities 2015

Paris, France

6 February 2015


Final programme

Participant list

Presentations made at the workshop:

Road Safety Conference 2014

Making our Roads Safer, A Permanent Goal: The Role of Road Infrastructure Operators

25 March 2014 (Madrid, Spain)

ASECAP held its 7th Annual Road Safety Conference on 25 March 2014 in Madrid.

The event followed an established format comprising a half-day political session followed by a half-day technical session with presentations by individual ASECAP members/road operators.
The Conference was the opportunity to actively discuss the European Road Safety Priority and to get acquainted of the state of play in different European countries.
Moreover, ASECAP and its members provided an in-depth discussion and interesting presentations on the actions and projects, in terms of both raising awareness campaigns and technological innovations, they are carrying out to ensure the highest standards of security and safety on their toll road infrastructures.

ASECAP Press Release
View the programme and download the presentations

Road Safety Conference 2013

Deploying road safety priorities in the EU: the role of road infrastructure operators

6 March 2013 (Brussels, Belgium)

ASECAP held its sixth annual Road Safety Conference at the European Parliament (Brussels) on Wednesday 6 March 2013, with the support of MEP Antonio Cancian.

The 2013 ASECAP Road Safety Conference was dedicated to the deployment of road safety priorities in the EU, with a particular focus on the role of road infrastructure operators. The event’s format comprised a political discussion on the implementation of EU road safety policy as well as an illustration of real-life road safety deployments on ASECAP motorways.

ASECAP Press Release
Final programme

Technical presentations:

Think Tank 2012

Towards a common ASECAP vision on "sustainable" road infrastructure operation

27 November 2012 (Paris, France)

An ASECAP Think Tank dedicated to “sustainable development” took place in Paris on 27 November 2012. The aim of the event was to foster a common understanding within ASECAP about the meaning of “sustainable development” for the road infrastructure operation sector, examining the concept and its economic, social and environmental dimensions, against the background of concrete actions undertaken by ASECAP members.

The ASECAP Think Tank, established as a permanent instrument involving all full and associate members of the Association, has been endowed with a stronger role and will work towards an ASECAP roadmap on “sustainable transport for all”, cutting across the various domains covered by the ASECAP Permanent Committees.

Download the final programme ; download the presentations
ASECAPRaodSafetyevent2012 small logo 000

Road Safety Event 2012

6 March 2012 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Conference highlights
Programme and Presentations
LogoRoadSafetyDays2011 000

Road Safety Event 2011

ASECAP Toll Roads: A Safe Journey in Europe

1 March 2011 (Athens, Greece)

Press Release
Press Book

Road Safety campaigns in EU Member States

Moderator: - G. KOKLAS, TEO

Raising client awareness and providing information, Safety campaigns in France M. SEDDI, France (ASFA)

Road Safety campaigns in Austria B. LAUTNER, Austria (ASFINAG)

Safety campaigns on APCAP J. ROSARIO, Portugal (APCAP)

Road Safety Campaigns in Greece B.M. HALKIAS, Greece (Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers)

Towards a realistic Road Safety strategy

First part: ITS actions in Road Safety developments Moderator: - A. ARNAOUTIS, TEO

ITS actions in Road Safety developments: e-Safety R. CAMOLINO, ASECAP COPER III chairman: ITS - eSafety

EasyWayWorking together on harmonized deployment of ITS services for Road Safety R. ADAMS, EasyWay chairman 2011: ITS - EasyWay

Second part: Deploying Road Safety in Europe

Moderator: - K. DIONELIS, ASECAP Secretary-General

Deploying Road Safety in Europe, A safe journey into 2020 M. POPOLIZIO, ETSC project officer

Public Opinion Survey for Motorway Infrastructure and Road Safety C.MALIMOGLOU, Invision Consulting SA

Deploying Road Safety In EuropeA New Approach for managing Road Safety D. TSAMBOULAS, Professor National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Knowledge of roads and its features. A technical background for road safety R. ARDITI, AISCAT-SINA

Prioritizing on vulnerable users in Greece

Moderator: - M. ROTONDO, ASECAP COPER II chairman

Coordination: the key to a succesful traffic accidents reduction policy N. PORIOTIS, Vice-President of ELPA (Automobile and Touring Club of Greece)

Road Safety Actions & Perspectives V. DANELLI-MYLONA, Panos Mylonas Road Safety Institute

Active Safety and Cooperative Systems in the Road Infrastructure of the Future A. BEKIARIS, Hellenic Institute of Transport

Road Safety, a high priority for Greek Motorway Concessions: “ The cases of Olympia Odos, Aegean Motorway and Moreas.” K. PAPANDREOU, Olympia Odos Operation SA



Speaker's corner on


9 November 2010 (Brussels, Belgium)

Policy Statement
Media coverage

2nd ASECAP Think Tank


29 October 2010 (European Economic & Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium)

ASECAP held its second annual Think Tank on 29 October focusing on the developments in the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS). This one day event delivered a detailed update of the EETS implementation process in EU countries from the toll chargers, national administrations, providers and users perspective.

euIn partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee

ASECAP Concluding Statement 


The EETS Regulatory framework: Related concepts

C. Surmont, European Commission DG MOVE

A. Sieber, ASFINAG (AT), CESARE IV Project Leader

J. W. Tierolf, Ministry of Transport (NL) and Stockholm Group Chairman

One year after: State of the art of 27 EETS national implementations

PART 1: “Building National Registers: national administrations’ perspective”

E. Buss, Ministry of Transport (DE)

G. Lapierre, Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development and the Sea (FR)

N. Schofield, Ministry of Transport (UK)

PART 2: “The Toll Charger perspective: services platform enabling the EETS implementation”

A. Sieber, ASFINAG (AT)

V. Dumerc, ASFA (FR)

B. De la Fuente, ASETA (ES)

The (toll) road ahead

European Commission: C. Surmont, European Commission DG MOVE

State representative: J.W. Tierolf, Ministry of Transport (NL) and Stockholm Group Chairman

Potential EETS providers: E.Tzoneva, Shell

Existing operator: A. Estiot, Toll Collect (DE)

ASECAPLogogradient praque

2nd ASECAP Road Safety Event

"Coordination & Cooperation: The pace in European road safety"

1 March 2010 (Prague, Czech Republic)

Programme of the conference
Press Release "Tolled motorways for a safe journey!"
ASECAP Statement for enhanced Road Safety in Europe


Retrospective: “The Role of Motorways operators in Road Safety (2000-2010) – Reports on best practices”
Moderator: M. Rotondo, COPER II chairman

Implementation of EU Directives:
EU Directive 2004/54 on tunnels’ safety: R. Arditi (SINA-AISCAT) PART1 - PART 2
EU Directive 2008/96 on road infrastructure safety management: B. Lautner (ASFINAG)

Best Practices:
Safety in Operating Motorways: J. Boussuge (ASFA)
Road Safety Technologies and Solutions: A.Abl (K.T.S.)

Prospective: “An integrated approach to safety: the stakeholders’ commitment”
Moderator: K. Feix, Managing Director, Kapsch T.S.

“Toll motorways, a safer trip in Europe”: M. Rotondo, ASECAP COPER II chairman
“Professional users: training, results and targets”: P. Philipp, Head of IRU Training PART1 - PART2
“Research, equipment and innovation to enhance safety”: C.Nicodème, ERF
“Benchmarking of best practices at Members States’ level”: A. Avenoso, ETSC

ASECAPSafetyBrochure2009Cover See Also:

ASECAP Publication : "Safety, the first priority of the european toll motorways"
Article published in specialised website: Mission (presque) accomplie - Le Lloyd (BE), 10 Mars 2010

ASECAP Think Tank 2009

"Paving the way to a pan-European electronic tolling reality: the CESARE IV project and future perspectives"

23 October 2009 (Brussels, Belgium)


The conference has presented the European Interoperability developments in the framework of the Project CESARE IV and allowed a debate on the necessity to move from myths to reality between ASECAP Think tank members, EU institutions and Member States representatives, as well as potential EETS providers and other stakeholders.

The event was structured in two political sessions (opening panel and closing round table) and two “brainstorming” sessions, where ASECAP experts presented the state of the art and future tolling projects in their respective countries, therefore delivering an exhaustive photograph of the European realities…

Programme of the event
Press Release 23-10-2009: "Concessionaires asking to "bridge the gap between definition and realisation"
Pictures of the event by sessions


Presentations and speeches:

Setting the stage: The EU Decision on EETS and the CESARE IV developments

Interoperability of electronic road toll systems in the Community , by C. Surmont, European Commission DG TREN representative by C. Surmont, European Commission DG TREN representative
CESARE IV: A project for EETS ,by A. Sieber, CESARE IV Project Leader, and other CESARE I, II, III project leaders
Realizing interoperability in Europe, by J.W. Tierolf, Ministry of Transport (NL) and Stockholm Group Chairman

From projects to reality: Towards a pan-European electronic tolling EETS

PART1: The toll chargers: the concessionaires' perspective
ITIA (IR)Smith
APCAP (PT) Pinheiro
AISCAT(IT) Rotondo
ASFA (FR) Malbrunot
ASETA (SP) de la Fuente
EasyGo (DK/SE) Rasmussen
Autostrada Wielkopolska (PL) Nowak

PART 2 : Unconventional thinking
Alain Estiot - Toll Collect (DE)
E. Buss - Ministry of Transport (DE)
A. Maucorps - Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sustainable Development and the Sea (FR)
D. Ohst - Toll Collect (DE)
J. Czako - Kapsh T.S (CZ)PART 1 PART 2
D.Grevink - N.V. Westerscheldtunnel (NL)
J. Cobo - Ressa
A.Gruenkorn - (LogPay)
J.M. Martinez - (Eurotoll)
M. Billet - IRU, Heads of Goods Transport

Article published in specialised website:
Le chemin vers le télépéage unique est encore long - Le Lloyd (BE), 28 October 2009

Innsbruck2009Logo 000

ASECAP Believes in European Road Safety

2 March 2009 (Innsbruck, Austria)

ASECAP, with the support of its member organisations, AISCAT (Italy), ASFINAG (Austria) and Toll Collect (Germany), organised an event dedicated to road safety on European's roads that was held on 2 March 2009 in Innsbruck (Austria). The event brought together around 100 participants, including ASECAP members, key officials from EU institutions - mainly the European Commission and the European Parliament - as well as other stakeholders and the European press. A number of students also took part in the event since it was held in the premises of a high school that is located close to the motorway A12.
The event also offered the opportunity to see concretely a demonstration of the latest technologies used in the cross-border cooperation between Austrian and Italian Road Police forces.
Please click here to view the programme

Presentations and audience discussions: Is there a common understanding on European Road Safety?:

Road Safety - The European Union Policy, by Annie Canel, DG Transport & Energy, European Commission
Some Elements concerning Road Safety in Germany, by Alain Estiot, Managing Director, Toll Collect (Germany)
Road Safety in Austria, by Klaus Schierhackl, CFO, ASFINAG (Austria)
Safety, the First Priority of European Toll Motorways (2009 edition of the ASECAP Safety Brochure), by Maurizio Rotondo, Chairman of ASECAP COPER II (Road Safety & Environment)
Presentation by Markus Widmann, Head of Traffic Department, Police of Tyrol (Austria)
Presentation by Paolo Cestra, Deputy Director of the Operational Division of the Italian Road Police (Italy)

Article published in specialised website:

ASECAPcover 000 School of thought, by Lucy Cone, Assistant Editor, Thinking Highways
Venezia2008 000

ASECAP International Summit

"A Motorway Network for Europe: Market and Conditions"

Sunday 9 March 2008 (Venezia, Italy)

Please click here to view the programme

Presentations & speeches:

Speech by Fabrizio Palenzona, ASECAP & AISCAT President
Speech by Paolo Costa, Chairman of the Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament
Speech by Patrick Jones, Executive Director and CEO of IBTTA (International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association)

Article(s) published in international specialised newsletters:

Article by Fabrizio Palenzona, ASECAP & AISCAT President, published in ETC - The international pricing review, Issue Nr.1/2008

Some of the articles published in the Italian Press:

II SOLE 24 ORE, 9 March 2008
ADNKRONOS, 9 March 2008
LA STAMPA, 10 March 2008

Articles published in the Belgian specialised Press:

LE LLOYD, 17 March 2008

The European "Road" to Increased Safety

Monday 21 January 2008 (Brussels, Belgium)

Event co-organised by ASECAP and hosted by MEP Paolo Costa, President of the EP TRAN Committee

Please click here to view the Press Release
Please click here to view the Programme

You will find below the presentations that were made during this event:

Designing, building and operating safe road infrastructures in Europe today: the case of Portuguese motorways, by José Rosario (APCAP - Lusoponte)
Value chain in safety management: concessionnaires duties, by Jacques Boussuge, Director of Safety & Operation (ASFA)
Work zones and technologies: management and communication to the users, by Antonino Galatà, Director of Operation (AISCAT - Autostrade per l'Italia SpA)
Modern motorways - safety features for the European citizens, by Maurizio Rotondo, Chairman, ASECAP Permanent Committee on Safety & Environment

Further information :

In addition to its Annual Congress (the so-called ASECAP Study & Information Days), ASECAP organises other annual events, namely the Road Safety Event and the Think Tank. Furthermore, ASECAP organises ad hoc events.

Hereafter you will find these different events. In order to be directly pointed to the event of your choice, please click on the relevant item.




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