Theme: A multimodal, smart and safe European transport system:

the key role of motorways

27-29 May 2015 (Lisbon, Portugal)


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Theme: Concession model, an efficient tool to foster growth across Europe: how to build a level playing field to attract private investors
30 March 2015
Venue: European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels
ASECAP organised a High Level Conference on the “Concession contract” that analyzed the impact of the new European Directive on the award of concession contracts across Europe focusing specifically on the transport sector.
ASECAP has commissioned a study on the Concession Model to PWC. The main findings of the study were presented on the occasion of this conference. The study contains the perspective of Toll Road Operators on the importance of this key tool to ensure consistent and long-term investments in the European transport network.

ASECAP Study on "Evaluation and future of road toll concessions"

Full Report

ASECAP Study on "Evaluation and future of road toll concessions"

Executive Summary

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Press coverage of the event:
ASECAP wants to promote concession model - Agence Europe (Brussels-based European Union press agency) -- article in English
L'ASECAP veut promouvoir le modèle des concessions - Agence Europe -- article in French
Concessions directive: Time for transposition - EUROPOLITICS (daily publication on European affairs)
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Theme: Road safety and mobility for the future
3 March 2015
Vienna, Austria

6 February 2015
Paris, France
ASECAP organized a second Marketing Workshop to follow up what was discussed the first workshop in 2013 in Portugal. Several different topics were presented to shed more light on the several initiatives the ASECAP members are carrying out to better marketing their services and operations in different Member States.
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>>> REETS Day
Theme: Moving towards an Interoperable Electronic Toll Service in Europe
5 November 2014 (Brussels, Belgium)
The Regional European Electronic Toll Service Project, the REETS Project, has delivered some great results shedding more light on the commercial and technical issues related to the implementation of the European Electronic Toll System (EETS). The key work carried out has set up the basis for the future deployment of the EETS by creating a unique platform where toll chargers and toll providers exchanged their ideas, expertise and knowledge on how to deliver an interoperable electronic toll service in Europe.
This important event provided the opportunity to discuss the main results achieved during the First Phase of the project and the future activities.
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>>> ASECAP Statements, Position Papers and Press Releases

ASECAP Statement on WAS/RLAN activity of CEPT

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>>> ASECAP in Projects

REETS PROJECT - Regional European Electronic Toll Service Project


The REETS Project represents a key project for ASECAP aiming at providing a concrete support to the EU towards the deployment of the EETS compliant services in a cross-border regional area.

Please visit the REETS website at: http://www.reets.eu/


ASECAP-supported initiatives
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>>> European Commission
Mobility & Transport Newsletter: Issue of 27 April 2015

>>> European Parliament - TRAN Committee (transport & tourism)
Next EP TRAN Committee meeting:
The next TRAN Committee meeting will take place on 4 & 5 May 2015 in Brussels.
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EP Hearing on European road toll systems for private vehicles:
The EP TRAN Committee held a hearing on the European road toll systems for private vehicles on 4 November 2014 in the EP in Brussels.

The event was organised in two parts:

- Road financing and legal aspects

- Toll systems in Europe - case studies

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>>> Latvia's EU Presidency (1 January - 31 July 2015)
Website of the Latvian Presidency

>>> EU Official Journal
Award of concession contracts:

Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the award of concession contracts (COM/2011/0897 final)


Directives on the charging of heavy goods vehicles for the use of certain infrastructures ("Eurovignette" Directives):

2011 Directive (Official Journal L269 of 14/10/2011)

2006 Directive (Official Journal L157 of 09/06/2006)

1999 Directive (Official Journal L187 of 20/07/1999)

Road infrastructure safety management:
Directive 2008/96/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 November 2008 on road infrastructure safety management (Official Journal L319 of 29/11/2008)
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